The idea was born to create a virtual platform, where I started as a hobby but we realized the potential of doing business "online" now everyone has a smart phone with and the idea of buying from there it may be possible without incurir marketing expenses if not reach the final customer,,,Buy us in our e-commerce or warehouse.


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The electronic world or "virtual world" is already a reality. Around us, more and more companies are looking to get closer to their customers, link to their suppliers or reduce their costs with e-business solutions. It is a new market, of dizzying changes, where business decisions are combined with technological decisions.
Doing e-business means putting your company's business processes on the Internet. This is not as easy as designing a web page or installing a software package, you need Internet experience, business experience and using the appropriate tools.
Thousands of companies around the world and in Latin America have entered firmly into the world of e-business. They are large, medium and small companies that are using Internet resources to be more efficient and make better business.
Our company now opens the doors to enter the world of e-business. It does not matter if your company is large, medium or small, or if your budget in technology is large or small, we have an extensive range of products and services that fit your requirements.

Business models are used to describe and classify businesses, specifically in a context of entrepreneurship, but it is also used within companies by managers to explore the possibilities of development in the future. Private and well-known business models can serve as "recipes" for managers. Business models are also often mentioned in the context of accounting in the development of public reports

A business model is an "abstract representation of an organization, whether textual or graphic, of all related concepts, financial arrangements as well as the core portfolio of products or services that the organization offers and will offer based on the necessary actions In order to achieve strategic goals and objectives, this definition of Al-Debei indicates that value proposition, value architecture (organizational and technological infrastructure), financial value and network value are the primary dimensions of business models.
A business model describes a ratio of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value in social, cultural, and other contexts. The process of building a business model is part of the business strategy.
In theory and practice, the term business model is used for a broad set of descriptions that represent core aspects of a business; Including the purpose, business process, target market, offers, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practices, as well as operational processes and policies. The literature has offered various interpretations of business models. For example, they are often defined as designs of organizational structures to take advantage of a business opportunity. Extensions of this definition emphasize the use of consistency in describing business models.

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