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E-commerce has become an event that can not miss any company that is planning to enter new commercial channels in Colombia.
This medium that certainly activates the earnings of companies of all sizes, is a great opportunity for those traders who wish to reap large profits in the future. Colombia is on the verge of a major change in the online commerce sector, as the results so far have been positive.
These are the figures, according to the newspaper La República, in Colombia.
According to figures from the online retail market in Colombia, it is expected to grow steadily by 15% over the next few years, reaching $ 950 billion in the period 2015.
The average purchase in E-commerce sites in Latin America at this point is 1.6% ie (1.5 out of 100 users finally make a purchase) while in the US market the growth reaches 16% for sites Based ecommerce recommendations like Amazon.com.
It is assumed that E-commerce will continue to grow during the coming years generating large revenues through the network, which has an effect in much of the economic society where it plays an important role.
Although it can not be said that E-commerce in Colombia has matured if it can be assured that it continues in the struggle to improve to have a greater evolution and perhaps to put itself at the level of countries like United States and Spain that in the last years have grown in The online sales sector.
In Colombia internet sales have grown since 1995, the figure had reached 50,000 users, by the year 2000 there were already one million subscribers. It should be noted that Colombia is one of the countries in Latin America with the greatest growth in the use of technological resources.
The online stores that sell the most thanks to the variety, availability and security they provide to consumers in Colombia according to Enter.com magazine are:
Avianca, Telesales, Success, Amway, Cine Colombia, Tu boleta.com and Mercado Libre.
These companies have marked the difference between physical stores and the growth in online sales, it is hoped that in 2013 these indicators will change and other Colombian brands will occupy these places, as this will reflect the growth with other companies looking for Position in the E-commerce sector.
According to the magazine P & M this is the balance that left the E-commerce during 2012.
2012 was a year of excellent results for e-commerce in Colombia. During the year, electronic commerce in Latin America was able to grow by around 26% compared to 2011, due to the sustained growth of this market in the last 3 years.
In 2009, there was a growth of 435 million dollars compared to sales in virtual stores in Colombia. This figure is expected to double by 2013.

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