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The store opened in 2004 because we already had an interesting database, a CRM system in place, a strategy of acquisition and retention of customers, the store in its first year reached sales for USD $ 90,000.
At the beginning it was with the nails, of course we had established our commitment to represent a brand, the terms and conditions of the platform were very clear, we were confined to them, we were very attentive to the issue of quality, delivery and satisfaction of Customers were ideal, as we knew that was a point that guaranteed the repurchase. Speaking to the team that continues to run the platform today, people who continue to use that online platform, have been users for many years because it was one of the first to provide online copra service and physical delivery. (ANDRES SOLER)
How did the payment gateway issue work? (REPORTER)
As for the issue of the gateway, the alliance with the Bancolombia platform, served us to leverage, with its eCommerce system and its validation system, in addition to having a large ally, as it was and remains one of the most important banks .
The validation of the accounts was done by them, obviously it was not such a fast issue, it was not in real time, much less, it was a process that took two or three days to approve, we would take three more days to dispatch, but we were very clear in Our service policies, you buy today and in one week receive your product !.
We detected that in both intermediate and small cities customers did not have access to Sony's audio, video and electronics technology products, people who wanted to buy were willing to wait for the 7 days we were delaying in shipping, since at that time 2004 -2007, large areas were focused on large cities, had not reached cities like Monteria, Pasto, Ibagué, where the economy was not what it is today, it was a great learning that we exploited very well .
On the other hand, in large cities, where the person could go to any store to buy the products, we approached the subject of convenience, for example, "how will you buy a 50 KG television, rather, buy it here And we bring it to your home ", that's how we spent that early stage, pioneering eCommerce.
Subsequently, when we were going to launch the big platform Sony Style, for the year 2007 or 2008 we allied with Payments Online.
How was the business unit that managed the online store conformed?
That store was handled by a small team, I led the eCommerce unit at Sony, there were three, maximum 4 people.
The store was expected to open in 2008, Sony wanted to open its first online store with its Sony Style brand, which was the one used at that time, with its logo and others, but managed to negotiate or convince those who ran the company Japanese, at that time, we opened the online store with a third party platform to learn, so when the year 2008 came and we implemented the new official store, we made the great launch of Sony Style, we were talking about a business of USD $ 900,000, that's a 10-fold growth in 4 years.
After that platform continued to grow, continued to develop the business that I had left structured at the level of operation of eCommerce, marketing for eCommerce, payment platforms and benefits. Our value proposition for customers from the beginning was: Receive the products at your home without additional cost, since then we have cemented that proposal that is maintained today.
At the moment, the platform that in 2004 started with sales of USD $ 90,000,

In 2008 I had sales of USD $ 900,000, then I retired from Sony to start a personal project in 2009-2010 and followed the equipment up and running, I have heard from last year that Sony Colombia eCommerce platform sold USD $ 9,000,000. What is interesting in history is to see how from USD $ 90,000, went on to sell USD $ 9,000,000, that is a growth of 100 times, the current team that operates the eCommerce business is still made up of the same 3 - 4 people. These platforms scale, are based on technology, you need a human team that manages and manages, obviously supported by an organization like Sony, but the business unit as such is still 4 people; I am sure that is the most profitable business unit of that company today in Colombia. The most important of the whole process was that in anticipating and not waiting until 2008 to let us open a global platform, but to negotiate, know how to do An internal sale of a project that did not require a large investment and where we could learn, served to cement both the bases of eCommerce in Colombia and my professional bases to develop an internet based business; I'm sure Sony is still a major player. In 2007 - 2008, we started talking to Alberto Pardo, Bernardo Vanegas and Juan Manuel Días about the creation of this entity, we finally managed to create it legally in 2008, thus starting the Chamber; Alberto came to have all his experience with DeRemate, to have several digital businesses, Bernardo was in Certicámara and Juan Manuel who is a lawyer who has always been interested in Telecommunications and digital, we make this union, this key with which we launched, We developed or promoted the creation of the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce. There was not much infrastructure, a lot of support, but little by little, with tenacity and stamina was maintained, came the linking of Victoria Virviescas as Executive Director in 2011, that evidently gave structure , Strengthening, as well as an amazing growth to the CCCE. Victoria is a professional of first level, with magnificent knowledge, government and business contacts; With a wide managerial experience and with a lot of desire to do things well, I have no doubt that this has been reflected in what is today the Chamber of which we are all proud. That is a bit the parallel between my history doing eCommerce in Colombia, the current state of that child, that son that I saw grow, that today is already great that is Sony eCommerce in Colombia and the development of what has been the (REPORTER) I have no doubt that those of us who are in business, and more than in business, in promoting the movement, in promoting transactions and electronic businesses in The country, we are convinced that this idea and that effort made in the last decade is paying off, we are proud that electronic commerce is participating in the economic growth and the economy of the country, the prospects are nothing more than Encouraging both national and international companies that are competing in a market like Colombian that is growing by leaps and bounds. In conclusion, I believe that the outlook is good for the economy, for employment, for business in Colombia, for the Chamber and for those interested in electronic commerce to develop even more.What advice can you give to entrepreneurs? REPORTER) It's easy to say but, it's harder to do, it's a matter of persistence really. If you find a niche market and there is an interesting opportunity to do, such as what we are now seeing tire sites online, pajama sites online, etc., if you have an interesting product and service, it does not matter if you are small, dare yourself; I think there is a lot of potential to do eCommerce from SMEs, small or medium companies. Niche eCommerce is successful in other parts of the world and in Colombia I do not think it will be the exception. So, as I mentioned earlier, it is a persistence, update issue, to keep abreast of the latest digital marketing trends , How to publicize your business, provide a quality service, eCommerce has a complexity in terms of having to work everything very well, to combine the platform, the technological part, logistics, service, then you have to Be very organized and very precise in moving all the strings that make the eCommerce promise come true. I would recommend organization, discipline, persistence, it is a great time to start initiatives, because the market is much more ready, there is critical mass , We talked about 25 - 26 million internet users, a buyers base as revealed by the  Study of the very large CCCE, the government with the whole issue of access to banking services, encouraging a simpler way of relating to banking. There are possibilities and small, medium and large entrepreneurs should take advantage of it. (ANDRES SOLER) The Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce is not responsible for the opinions expressed in this content The comments that are published here are the responsibility of the user who has written them. The Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce reserves the right to eliminate those who use a bad language, that attack other people or are advertising of any type.

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