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FINDING CLIENTS! This might feel a little scary. It can be intimidating to reach out to people and ask them to give you business. But at the end you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. I’m here to walk you through the process of finding potential clients…and to help you turn them into paying customers! In this PAGE you can expect to learn about the following:

*IDENTIFYING potential clients

*RESEARCHING potential clients

*APPROACHING potential clients


*getting REFERRAL business

By the end you’ll be ready to reach out to people who are most likely to hire you. For your work, you’ll have conducted an audit of their online presence, and be ready to pitch them on your services. Before getting into it, I’m going to talk about the online presence audit. Finding potential clients is half the battle. In order to actually land those clients, you’ll have to format a pitch, customized to their needs, based on the work you’d like to do for them. In order to know how to pitch them, you need to learn as much as you can about their existing online presence. The audit takes you through this research. You’ll have it all collected in one place, be able to look at it and determine the clients’ needs, and create a plan of how you can help. Let’s get started!

The Content Marketing translated literally Marketing Content
It is a function of the Digital Marketing process which provides for the
publishing and sharing of documentation material
related to Company business.
Guides, Manuals, Infographics, etc. to communicate to
our customers the level of expertise that the company is able to
provide for the services or products that it produces or sells.
In practice it is a communication technique based on
explicit skills and not on the skills promoted by a
The Content Marketing has a great impact on the consideration
that a potential customer has of a company at the time when
It comes in contact with it; in practice increases the Reputation

The Digital channels  is establishing itself increasingly as a vector of efficient communication as it allows a boost selection target and content.Web is by now well-established and known to be based on the content and the sharing of these.Hence affirmation for companies or how the Web Reputationit is considered within the Web and Social.The Online Reputation is always a consideration that otherThey have of our company but spelled differently within the digital network of business contacts.The Content Marketing in the Web is concerned with developing Online Reputation Company through digital sharing quality content related to Company business. The company that talks about not with self promotional messages but with specific content related to their skills.

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