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In the process of implementing:
* Google Adwords:
                         + People certified by Google
                         + Adwords interface management
                         + Product Management Google My Business
                         + Analitics

In the process of implementing:
* Wix:
                         + People certified by Wix
                         + Wix interface management
                         + Product Management Wix Shoutout

                         + Others Apps
                         + Wix Code

* In the YouTube implementation process:
            + Creation channel

            + Custom channel
            + Upload videos and configure them
            + Advanced configuration
            + Video advertising with Adwords
            + Creation of videos with Powtoon

About this document.

  • included in this resource file is a client Questionnaire ( pages 2-4) .

  • content planing checklist (pages 6-7)

  • content inventory spreadsheet 

Use this Questionnaire in your initial meeting with each client. The purpose is learn as much is possible about yours client’s online needs or preferences.

You may want adapt this document for every client  We recommend reading through before a meeting to remove irrelevant items and add additional questions you may want to ask  

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