To determine what your strategies are, establish the actions you are going to carry out
To achieve the business objective. If your case is, for example, increase sales
By 10% for the second half of the current year, you should think about how
Social Media can contribute to this goal.


An example could be to create a content calendar to publish on your networks To invite people to visit your web pages and The knowledge of your products.


The campaign typology defines what your tactical actions are, why it is so Important that you have it clear from the beginning. Also, each campaign is Linked to a target. This is why you must decide which one to use according to what you want to achieve.

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Here you must select through which social networks you are going to launch your campaign.
It establishes in which platforms you are going to work and you are going to make the measurement of
the results.

For example, in case your goal is for people to know your brand, you Offer and your product and you do not need to  take any punctual action other than watching your Content, you should choose the type of awareness.


You also have the option of "engagement" for the case where you
People engage and participate in your publications, comment,
Replicate them and "like" them.


Finally, in case your goal is to look for the user to go to a next Level within your purchase process, select the "conversion" option. If for example, you want to take the user to your web page, we should select This third option

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You can download this excel template to generate your social channel strategy.


You will have to choose the metric
That you will measure, as it will represent the success or failure of your strategy

For example, let's say that we have selected as a campaign typology
Conversion "and Facebook as a platform, in that case we could choose as
Metric the number of clicks that users make on the publications that direct or send traffic to our website. The other metrics could be evaluated in case
Is not giving the results we hope


See the history of the results you have had with respect to that
Same metric and establishes a new goal on which to measure
Be viable in time


If you have no history or do not know how to establish them, look for
Someone who can help you establish them


Set a goal according to your own criteria, which has to be validated
During the process to determine whether your judgment was right or not.
Believe it or not, know and understand which number you can not
Achieve with the resources you have creates a very good base
For future exercises

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Measuring the results periodically is a very good practice so that you can
Take appropriate action, especially in the event that the performance indicator
Is not aligned with the number you set for the time period of your
strategy. At the end of the campaign, insert the number for each of the
Indicators you are going to measure


Once you have selected the metric you are going to take into account, you have to fill the
Field of KPI with the numerical number that you want to reach. And this is where it gets
A little more complex the matter ...
To establish this goal, there are three ways

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